How To Deliver A TED Talk: Secrets Of The World's Most Inspiring Presentations - Jeremey Donovan

Let me be perfectly honest. I have no intention of ever giving a TED talk. For that matter, I’m pretty sure I would never be asked, so it isn’t really a pressing concern. But despite this, I found this title intriguing, and the book did not disappoint me. I am an occasional non-fiction reader, though I am guessing this would be considered “self-help”. Regardless of how you label it, the stories were interesting and thought-provoking. The author takes a look at the TED talks, which, as a form, are limited to 18 minutes. He examines what works, and makes educated guesses as to why. He also examines the cases of people who went against what would seem to be the rules, and why they did or didn’t fail. The TED talks are available online, and are a sure way to lose an afternoon (or week) if you take the time to browse through them. If you have to do any sort of public speaking, I would definitely recommend this book. Or if, like me, you don’t, you still might find it interesting.