Last year, our library started an “Edible Books” contest. We were new to the idea, but, if you google it, you will see that it is becoming a fairly common library event. Loving to bake, and also loving books, it was the best of both worlds for us. We especially like the opportunity (ok, any opportunity) to be punny. We swept the awards last year (Nana won “most beautiful” with The Secret Life of Peas, and the girls won “most punderful” with The Lord of the Ring Dings, and “best in show” with Madeline – a scene from the book, made out of madelines).


This year, we promised to be good sports and not hog all the awards. So we only won two, but what awesome cakes! I can say this without boasting — because my kids do not let me help unless it’s a really bad job, like softening the rock-hard fondant, or doing the dishes afterward. If I work on something fun, I am pretty much “taking over the whole project”, and yes, that’s a direct quote from the bosses. In any case, here are our amazing entries: Tales of a Fourth Grade Muffin (with “Fudge”), The Sword in the Scone, and Peeping Beauty. Eat your heart out, Cake Boss.

edible books