This is actually the book I read - not the one pictured on my shelf, despite the fact that I used the ISBN number. For some reason, the search on Booklikes (their claim to fame) is not very good, and I am constantly copying and pasting ISBN numbers from Goodreads into Booklikes in order to find a book I found on Goodreads simply by searching the title... Any clues on why this happens? Anyway, that's not at all where I meant to be going with this. This is what happens when I wing it, and don't write into Word before I post.


So anyway, my daughter waited in line for 7 hours last weekend to meet her hero, Connor Franta. She made a shirt for him - the word Frantastic was involved - and happily got up at 6am to spend a good chunk of her morning in the Barnes and Noble parking lot. By the end of the day, she had this book, autographed, and a huge smile you couldn't wipe off her face. She also read the book that night, and passed it on to me shortly after. While I try to maintain a proper parental boundary between safeguarding her and letting her have her teen obsessions; when she gives me something to read, I need to read it. So I put aside the pile of books I was reading, and gave this one my attention. Happily, it was an interesting read, by an inspiring guy who seems to take his position of role-model-to-the-masses very seriously. He is a twenty-something who finds himself in an unexpected position — a shy guy loved by at least 4 million people who subscribe to his YouTube channel.


Despite his enormous popularity, he seems to have a sense of humor as well as a sense of his responsibility to his audience. So yes, if my daughter is going to spend her computer time watching Connor Franta's posts on the internet, I support it. Really, can it be any worse than the uncountable hours I spent staring at Vinny Barbarino on Welcome Back, Kotter? Neither of us will be able to get that time back, but that can't be the worst of our problems, right?