The Hawley Book of the Dead - Chrysler Szarlan

This is a great book to add to your summer reading list, if it isn’t already on it. For me, it had all of the elements of a powerful, suspenseful read. I am a complete sucker for a New England witch story, and, while this was more about magic than witches, it fit the bill otherwise. A story of a family through generations, a killer on the loose, old loves reappearing after long absences, and magic, all kinds of magic, really, what’s not to love? To be honest, I was surprised this was a debut novel; the story was polished and the plot was complicated and well-developed.


As a huge fan of The Night Circus as well as The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane, I was pleased that this book lived up to the comparison. I loved even the many minor characters, and the entire concept of these generations of women named “Revelation”. This is another one of those books where you will benefit from not reading the summary on amazon; I wouldn't want to spoil any part of it. Buy it now, clear your calendar (and some room on the couch), put your feet up, and dive right in. You will not be disappointed.