Wednesdays in the Tower - Jessica Day George

You may have heard of Jessica Day George; she has written a wonderful series of books about a seamstress and some dragons (Dragon Slippers, etc.), and another series about a magical castle (Tuesdays at the Castle is the first). You probably never heard of me, and honestly, neither has Jessica George. But we are friends… on Goodreads. Truly, we are about as close as two friends (and 1,650 others) can be. Which is to say, not very. But still, when I was bold enough to “friend her” on Goodreads, Jessica George was kind enough to say “ok”. Because of this, I am able to keep up with what Jessica is reading (when she’s not writing), and she is a much more prolific reader than any of my other friends on Goodreads (sorry, family!)


As a reader for NetGalley, I have received a lot of free books on my kindle (yeah, NetGalley!). But, when Wednesdays in the Tower came out, we had to go to Barnes and Noble right away and buy it in hardcover. This is how much we love Jessica Day George; we pay retail. And then, of course, we must drop all of the other books we are reading, and read it together, out loud. And even though my older daughter is on the cusp of loving and hating being read to, she puts aside her book and joins us. We read a couple of chapters each night; the number of which we have to agree on in advance. And then, regardless of this agreement, we whine, stomp and whimper when it’s time for bed (well, not me) because it is just that good, and we don’t want it to end. And, after we have laughed, gasped, and cheered to the very end, we cry out, because yes, we have been duped into reading another book! No tidy ending this time, she just left that poor Celie high in a tower with a few friends and her griffin, in a long-lost land, far from her beloved, broken castle. Put down those other books, Jessica, and please, get cracking on Thursdays in the Throne Room! We are waiting here, and, even though we are your friends, we are not very patient.