Seeing Home: The Ed Lucas Story: A Blind Broadcaster's Story of Overcoming Life's Greatest Obstacles - Ed Lucas, Christopher Lucas

Despite my sporadic sports watching, how the heck did I miss Ed Lucas’ story until now? I have no idea, especially given that I live in NJ, his home state. I am grateful to have read this book — and I say that with complete sincerity. If it’s at all possible, I feel like I am a better person just for having read it, and because, ever since, I have told so many other people about Ed Lucas. I have told people who, in fairness, have not asked for this information, or indicated in any way they were looking for something to read. Ed Lucas has an amazing story to tell, and I was stunned at his optimism in the face of so many obstacles. His story of perseverance, passion, and drive provides an extraordinary life lesson.


So here are my small disclaimers. First, he is a Catholic, and this is truly just a part of his basic dialogue – he is astonishingly grateful despite the blows he has suffered, and he is not shy about praising God. I am also Catholic, and I think a little ultra-sensitive about perceptions (Spotlight, anyone?), but seriously, I did not find it offensive or pushy. Second, and this is not a criticism, but there is virtually no dirt dished in this book, if that’s what you were hoping to find. The very few times Lucas disparages anyone involve public figures well known for their nastiness.


My thoughts immediately after reading this were regarding getting this in the hands of every middle-school boy or girl who needs to read a biography for school. It is a terrific example of a story that is relevant, deals with big issues in a gentle way, and includes a ton of interesting history about sports as well as the world of a blind person. Aside from that, everyone else should read it. I am assigning it to you for summer reading — it’s perfect timing and will get you in the mood for the baseball season as it hits its stride. You don’t need to write a report, but a comment would be nice.


Ps – When they do make this movie, I am putting in my two cents that Ciaran Sheehan be cast for the wedding scene. He lives in our town, and he is awesome. Plus, he would be playing himself. (Now you have to read the book or you will have no idea what I am talking about!)