These Dark Wings - John Owen Theobald

This is another World War II story – a middle grade one — and yes, I know I've read a ton of them already, but of course I am going to tell you this one is different. Honestly, I wish I read this book sooner, because we visited the Tower of London and its famous ravens last summer. No worries, though, that would have merely been a bonus; Theobald has written a compelling story that makes you feel like you are there anyway.


The Tower of London is such a unique place, with an insular community of people living within its walls. Personally, Theobald had me at "Ravenmaster". I really don't want to say too much more - this is a thought-provoking adventure of a book, and probably a perfect read-aloud or audiobook for your summer road trip if you still have a middle-schooler willing to listen with you.


I also loved the cover of this book, which was dreamy and eerie and made me wish I wasn't reading on my kindle so I could see it every time I put the book down, which, to be fair, was not all that often before I finished. And, despite the fact that I am not a huge reader of multi-part sagas, I'm looking forward to the other books in the trilogy.