The Night Ocean - Paul La Farge

This is the kind of story recommendation that could go either way. For me, this quirky, well-told tale was a thumbs-up, but I am guessing that the same reasons I liked the story might not compel another reader. I knew next to nothing about the real-life figures written about here — H.P. Lovecraft, Robert Barlow, and others — so I have no problem with the way they were represented, and I will take the author's lead regarding Lovecraft's own skills as a writer. I was a willing reader, with a little Wikipedia on the side to keep La Farge honest. I couldn't even begin to discuss the plot of this one, I think that even if you read the summary on amazon or goodreads you will be no closer to having an idea of what it's about than if you open it cold. So do that. Enjoy the often-beautiful language and even the meandering bunny trails of the plot. This is something new, and different, and I want you to like it as much as I did.