The First Rule of Swimming - Courtney Angela Brkic

This book was a quiet, beautiful read. I chose this book because I love to read about places I’ve never been, and this takes place primarily on a tiny island in Croatia. It also has American settings, and it was interesting to see the contrast between the two, as experienced by the two sisters who are the book’s main characters. It is not an uncommon theme – two women who are intensely alike in many ways; but one cannot bear to stay on the tiny island, and one cannot bear to leave. The repercussions of their decisions, along with the choices made by their parents and grandparents, form the framework of this book. There were no extreme personalities, no high drama, but the story unfolded in the details of their lives, and the details were presented with skill and clarity. The ending was not a shocker, but it was not perfectly pieced together either, just completely satisfying.