Thursdays with the Crown - Jessica Day George

As you may remember, we are big fans of this series, along with the Dragon Slippers books. My last review, for Wednesdays in the Tower, might have given you some idea about just how much we love them. And yes, even though a little over a year has passed since the last one, and, presumably, my daughters have matured that much more, there is still a whole lot of whining and stomping when the agreed upon chapters have been read. Despite the fact that we agree before we start reading how many chapters we will finish each night, I can see their political futures ahead of them, with their shrewd negotiating skills being honed at bedtime.


So, having dispatched the castle to a foreign land and leaving everyone literally hanging, we return to our beloved friends and their equally beloved castle, who is a character in his (or her?) own right. There are a few new names in this book, a few new friends to add to our list of favorites. There is the perfect match, once again, of drama and humor that we have come to expect. Jessica Day George did not use our proffered title for this next installment, but we are willing to admit that maybe this one is just as good. So where does that leave us? Happy to have experienced another thrilling adventure, but impatient, yet again, to read the final (oh no!) book in this series.


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