Cop Town - Karin Slaughter


I am a little behind in my reviews. Not because I haven’t been reading, but because I’ve been reading so much I haven’t taken any time to stop and write things down.


This novel was a departure for me. I almost want to say that I picked this one by mistake — it was such an odd choice for me. But I think my reading this year has been all about making odd choices, but making them intentionally. It’s so easy to get in a reading rut, where so many books start to look and feel the same. I read some dystopia, and then I feel like I have to read all the dystopia that’s out there. So, when a book like this comes along, I need to take a moment to appreciate different choices.


When I saw the cover of this book, I judged it. And my condescending judgement was “crime drama” with the glammed up cover. Probably “ripped from today’s headlines”, I thought. But something made me want to read more, so I requested it from NetGalley. There are times I have a kind of buyer’s remorse with these things, despite having gotten a reviewer’s copy. After all, I do, in good conscience, have to read and review it. My husband got to it before I did, and, even though I tend to think this is more his kind of story than mine, I took notice of how much he liked it and how quickly he read it. So, snotty attitude pushed aside, I read it.


And now I understand why Karin Slaughter is “widely acclaimed as one of the best crime novelists in America”. It was riveting. The characters were described in vivid detail; they were fully realized and alive. The drama was tense, the plot tightly woven. The bad guys were despicable and the nice guys (and girls) were not so perfect either. There wasn’t a character without a flaw (the intentional kind, supplied by the author). So please, don’t be a snob like I can be. Read this book. I am trying to be better. I mean, I’m still never picking up one of those foil embossed, giant-font author’s name, ripped shirt Fabio-guy books, but hey, you never know. I keep an open mind. I can read books like that on my kindle and nobody will ever know.