The Scandalous Sisterhood of Prickwillow Place - Julie Berry

This book took a very long time for us to finish. That is not because it was too long or uninteresting, but simply because life got in the way. There was a dance recital, a school play, a concert, and lots of homework; all of which kept getting in the way of our nightly read-aloud. We read other books in between, independently, but we never really felt too far removed from the scandalous sisters at St. Etheldreda’s school. And since we ended up spending quite a long period of time with them, we grew to love them.


The author gave us a wonderful device so that we could get right back into the story — she gave the characters nicknames that precisely captured each of their personalities. There was no confusing Dour Elinor with Disgraceful Mary Jane or Dull Martha, we knew that Pocked Louise would be thorough in her sleuthing, and Smooth Kitty would tie up all the loose ends. We were thrilled, we were scared, and we were hysterical. Mostly hysterical (laughing, that is). They were so ridiculous we couldn’t believe it, but then they were so smart we were astonished. Stout Alice broke our hearts, and Dear Roberta had us worried, we truly loved them all.


We even loved the boys — mostly the particular ones loved by these scandalous sisters. We were on the edge of our seats until the last pages, and we were cheering and laughing at the way it all ended up. Start the New Year off right, and take a peek in at Prickwillow Place. You will not regret your stay, no matter how long it lasts.