Lost and Found - Brooke Davis

I didn't really plan on writing a full-blown review, but this really was a little gem of a book. It is so many things at once, it’s really very difficult to put it in a specific niche — it’s a book about loss and grieving, a book about aging and the problems of youth, a book about sex (yes, that too, but possibly one of the most hilariously written scenes ever), but most of all, it expresses a kind of unfiltered joy through all of it’s odd and sometimes disturbing characters. I have to say that I highly recommend the audio book. This is a book that takes place in Australia, so for some reason it just feels better to me hearing it read with an accent – the voice in my head is unable to make some of those wonderful sounds. In this reading, even the words I am not familiar with sound comforting.


It is not a perfect book, but who cares! This is a lovely debut novel, and you will be sad to see this often bizarre Bonnie and Clyde road-trip of a book come to its surprisingly tame but nonetheless satisfying end.