The Flying Circus - Susan Crandall

I chose this book from NetGalley because I enjoyed Crandall’s Whistling Past the Graveyard, the very first book I got from NetGalley, (this is my 204th) I seem to be on a reading kick wrapped around the 1920s and 30s, so this book fit in perfectly. Also, I’ve been reading a lot lately about women daredevils (Beryl Markham in Circling the Sun, the women flyers in Gone to Soldiers, etc.), so the wing-walking, motorcycle-riding Cora Rose Haviland was the logical next step.


This is really a terrific summer read — and, if you’re like me, it’s what you grab to take to the lake or when you’re just lazing in the hammock on an overcast afternoon. (Why don’t people say a book is the perfect summer Lake read, anyway? It’s discrimination!) In any case, it has all the prerequisites: mysterious pasts, on-again off-again romance marked by terrible timing and unfortunate circumstances, and a lot of wonderful description that will make you want to find the nearest state fair and watch the barnstormer’s stunt show. Of course then you will want a tall glass of homemade Lemonade, cotton candy, fried oreas and some powdered-sugar funnel cakes. I can’t help you with that, and neither can Susan Crandall. Honestly, there are no real surprises here, but you really won’t be disappointed. The summer isn’t over yet; this book will make it last just a little bit longer.