The Coincidence of Coconut Cake - Amy E. Reichert

This book was described in the summary as You’ve Got Mail meets How to Eat A Cupcake. I saw the movie You’ve Got Mail, but I have not read the second. I do know how to eat a cupcake, if that’s important to my credibility. The good news is, neither of these is required reading, you can just dive right into this delicious summer read. This is a light-hearted, often completely predictable story, but you know what? Sometimes that is just what you need. I would give one warning — do not spend too much time near the kitchen while reading this — your mouth will be watering as the chef describes some outstanding food, but if you give in you will gain 25 pounds before you finish the book.


Here’s what I say to tempt you further: this book makes me want to take my next vacation in Wisconsin. That is something I don’t say lightly, and I can also confirm I have never said before. The author so lovingly describes her home state that I am tempted to eat my way through it myself. She had me at deep fried cheese curds.