First Comes Love: A Novel - Emily Giffin

I sometimes feel like I live under a rock. Granted, it’s a nice, comfy rock, and there are plenty of books to keep me company and the light is surprisingly good, but I cannot deny missing the boat on some popular trends. I picked this Emily Giffin book because how can you not know her name? Her books are beloved bestsellers, and when I saw this one on NetGalley I thought, she certainly does not need me to help her sell them — how nice of her to offer them to us!


But this book was just not for me. As a mother who came to that in the traditional way, but also as a woman who has been lucky enough to pursue her passion in work, I could not relate to these women and their many regrets. The courses they pursue seemed unrealistic and contrived, sometimes for shock value alone. I will admit, the book was well-written and, in some ways, compelling, but the characters just did not appeal to me. I will take issue with the blurb I read — I was promised “dazzling”, “emotionally honest and utterly enthralling”, but these are not the words I would have chosen. But hey, almost 24,000 people on Goodreads feel differently than me on this one, so clearly this was just a miss on my part. If you are a fan, don’t listen to me, just have at it and I’ll catch you next time.