We Are Still Tornadoes - Michael Kun, Susan Mullen

Compared to the book I read before this, I have to say that the blurb that accompanies this book dramatically undersells it. Honestly, looking at it now I cannot imagine what inspired me to choose this from NetGalley, but I am certainly glad I did. I understand that this is a YA title, but for people like me who actually lived through the 80s, this is a fond trip down memory lane. I especially loved that the novel was written entirely in “letters” sent back and forth between the two protagonists; letters that have a date on top, and acknowledge things like crossing in the mail, instead of the to-the-minute time stamp of an ordinary email. Do YA readers even understand this? Ink, paper, stamps, envelopes, all of it? As someone who still has letters from her siblings, parents and friends sent during college, I hope that they at least have a sense of it. The letters here come in a range of sizes — from the dashed off note to the long, meandering, angsty questions that only a college student can ask.


I loved every cheesy detail of this book (especially the title origin), and it made me laugh, out loud, embarrassingly. The characters were clever and endearing, and even though the plot sometimes crossed the line of believability, it did not take away from my enjoyment. If you are a Rainbow Rowell fan (of any age), this book will have a place on your shelf. And if you aren’t (wait, really, you’re not?) try it anyway. Don’t read the blurb, just trust me.