Crossing the Horizon: A Novel - Laurie Notaro

I think I could fill a shelf with all these obscure true stories of accomplished women. Notaro captures a frenzied time before Amelia Earhart was a household name; when scores of people were literally racing to be the first to cross the Atlantic, and many were dying in the attempt. What I love about this book is the three unique women Notaro profiles: the bad girl daughter of an earl, the beauty queen with something to prove, and the glamorous scene-stealer who I kept imagining as Lina Lamont from Singing in the Rain, for some reason. (If you remember who she is, you will hear that screechy voice say all of her lines as you read, sorry!)


In any case, this is part thriller, part slapstick, and always riveting drama. Why have I not heard of any of these women before? Why does this keep happening? I feel like I literally learned "the history of men" in school, and people are just now realizing our mistake. Let's hope they keep making up for it with compelling stories like this one.