Beatrice Zinker, Upside Down Thinker - Shelley Johannes, Shelley Johannes

This book was a break from all the doom and gloom I seem to be reading lately. Another pick from NetGalley, but not really what I was expecting. I thought it was going to be a middle grade reader (should have read the whole blurb), but Beatrice is just starting 3rd grade, so it's more of an early chapter book. In any case, it is a cute, quirky story, and Beatrice is the perfect character to represent those of us who like to think in an upside-down kind of way. Third grade is hard, and often, other girls can be thoughtless or mean; sadly, Beatrice learns this immediately. But she stays true to herself, something that is rare and inspiring. Wish this was around when my own daughters were in third grade, because truly, that year probably won't make the highlight reel. Grab a copy if your daughter is finishing second grade, and arm her with this; Beatrice's humor and spirit will provide the perfect encouragement if things do not go as well as planned.