A Boy Made of Blocks - Keith Stuart

You had me at Minecraft. I admit it. After the Minecraft obsession swept through my own home, I was curious to see how the game would be used to engage Sam, the autistic boy at the center of this story. To be fair, calling this merely a story about autism (or minecraft, for that matter) does this story and its author a disservice, because it is really so much more than that. This is a universal story — a beautiful and complicated love story— that begins with a family fallen apart, and then follows them as they cautiously try to piece it back together. The author manages to take characters who are at first appalling in their lack of courage, and turn them back into commendable human beings. This is not always an easy task, but handled with grace and elegance here. This is a powerful story, and, while it has an almost Hollywood ending (which I sometimes pretend to disdain), I loved it here. Set that box of tissues near your comfy chair and have at it.