How Hard Can It Be? - Allison Pearson

When I saw this on NetGalley, I didn’t realize it was the second book in a series. After I finished it, I realized, embarrassingly, the first one was already on my book shelf. To be fair, those shelves are awfully crowded with hundreds of my to-read books. I’ve read them both now, but out of order, and frankly, I’m glad I did. There was so much more I could relate to in this book. Despite the fact that I have worked continuously since the birth of my daughters, and my job was nothing like Kate Reddy’s, I could relate to juggling a modern workplace, the unending needs of teenagers, and finding the time to spend with spouse and aging parents.


Kate Reddy is a 50-year-old heroine (Yay!) struggling through all of this, all while remaking herself with a career reboot that is taking a little longer than expected. I was disappointed with the plotline where she denies her past to work again in the same company — this seemed entirely incredible — if she was going to start over anyway, why there? Aside from this, her husband is having a mid-life crisis, and her teenagers behave atrociously. I add this because it’s true, but also to admit I loved this because it made me feel much better about my own family! You will see most of the plot twists from a mile away, but the anticipation only adds to the satisfying resolution. I think Kate Reddy is my new superhero.