Writers & Lovers - Lily King

Despite my wariness to read fiction with a writer as the main character, (because I really cannot help think it is thinly-veiled autobiography—though I know this is wrong and judge-y), when I saw this book was written by Lily King, it was an easy selection. I loved everything about Euphoria, including the cover, which I still sometimes pull out of my bookcase and turn so that everyone can see it…(ok, maybe that’s just for me.)  Anyway, Writers & Lovers is a poignant story of grief, anxiety, love and other life lessons. I especially love that the character is “coming of age” in her 30s, and fighting the status quo her former classmates have succumbed to. And, while I do think that the ending may have been a little too tidy, sometimes, in the middle of my messy life, I enjoy the respite of a tidy, happily ever after book.