Words with Wings - Nikki Grimes

This is a book of magic, disguised as a novel in verse. It is bursting with the beauty of language, despite its slim size. In just under a hundred pages, we experience divorce, the difficulties of a move to a new house and settling in to a new school. Of course, these are topics we’ve read about before; but in Nikki Grimes’ elegant poetry, we experience them here in a whole new way.


Gabby is a daydreamer. Her father encouraged her to dream, but he is not with her at home now, where she is so easily distracted; or at school, when she forgets the classroom around her. But her daydreams are vivid, and the words she puts to them so precise, that we do not want to nudge her when the teacher calls on her; we just want to listen to what she has to say. It is a wonder. I read the book too quickly, but I couldn’t stop once I started. I would say this is a book you may want to touch and feel, and savor. A book you can find a place for on your shelf. No matter how, you should read it. If nothing else, to know that there are actually teachers like Mr. Spicer; who encourages all of the dreamers lucky enough to land (gently) in his classroom each year.