Eleanor & Park - Rainbow Rowell

Having already admitted in this space to being a shameless Fangirl, I find it hard to be objective about Eleanor & Park. This was on my to-read pile for a while now, so, I was very excited when I got it for Christmas from my sister. It is one of those perfect-sized hard cover books — awesome cover, real pages. Can you tell I’ve read too many e-books lately? I knew it would not be on my shelf for long. So it’s what, mid-January? Very impressive, I think, waiting as long as I did. It was a little bit like Thanksgiving dinner, though, all those hours of anticipation and over much too quickly. But I loved it just the same.


Rainbow Rowell is my hero. Not just because she writes books about teens way back when (the 80s); but because she just gets it. Her characters are real, and, I confess, I just love that they have awesome conversations — the deep, soul-wrenching kind, with voices, not tweets. They are smart and funny, cruel and desperate, and often, heartbreaking. As cliché as it sounds, I laughed and cried with these characters. Ok, sometimes I cried when they were being brave, but you know what I mean. I can’t gush too much here, because after my last review of her book, I am sure I am on some kind of potential stalker list. But I’m the good kind of fan, right? The kind who just wants an autograph, and for you to finish that next book already, Rainbow!!! I’m all caught up now, and I’m waiting for Landline.