Betsy Was a Junior & Betsy and Joe - Maud Hart Lovelace, Vera Neville

Yes, we finally finished this book! (Well, this was actually two books in one.) We have lived with Betsy now since she was five years old, and the girls and I have laughed and cried along with her, all the way through High School. (mostly laughed). If you have a daughter and you haven't read this series with her, or at least given it to her as a gift, you should. It is like an semi-urban Little House on the Prairie. I never read it as a girl, not sure why it never passed under my radar. But an awesome librarian recommended it to us a couple of years ago, and we will be forever grateful. We barely finished reading about her graduation (Book 8), when they made me open up and start Book 9 - Betsy and the Great World. Of we go, on more adventures.